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Generator GS-001
Generator GS-001 is a device for artificial influence on whether that triggers and enhances the amount of rainfall and is also used as a hail defence device. Concerning the non-existence of hail defence system, and it is well-known that Croatia is rich in agricultural areas that need to be protected from unfavourable weather influence caused by hail and enormous damage it causes, after several years of development it is ready for usage. Similar devices have already being used in developed countries, but with certain faults and failures during operation. The systematic development and focusing specifically on the weak points, we have perfected the device and after multiple testing the first results are in.

Awards and rewards

The device has been recognized as reliable and innovative, and first awards and rewards have arrived. Our devices are used abroad, especially in Germany, and it was presented in the USA at Inpex, the largest innovation gathering, where it was awarded the Silver medal for excellence in the category of Aeronautics.
Ecologically harmless

Using this device is safe and completely harmless to the environment and people. Rainfall caused by "cloud seeding" does not differ from natural rainfall in colour, odour or taste. There is also no impact on global climate because the treatment is performed only on one or a group of clouds in a limited area.